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Generate the offline activation file on the offline server (the seat for your license).

To generate the offline activation file:

  1. Run the WhatsUp Gold Full Install file for your product on the offline server.
  2. Select the language you want the installer to use. Click OK. The Welcome screen appears.
  3. Select Advanced installation, then click Next. The installer will check for prerequisites and will display the results in the System Check screen.
  4. Review the System Check screen, and when all items have been resolved, click Next. The License Information screen appears.
  5. Select Use offline activation mode, then click Next. The Option: Offline Activation screen appears.
  6. Click Activate Offline. The WhatsUp Gold Activation dialog appears.
  7. Click Generate File. The Save As dialog appears.
  8. Save the license.ofa file and transfer it to a computer with Internet access.

NOTE: You may click “Cancel” to stop the activation process if you are unable to finish; the activation process can be restarted later and the license.txt file is used to complete the offline activation.

Upload the offline activation file and generate the license file:

Upload the offline activation file to the Progress licensing server from a computer with Internet access. The Progress licensing server will generate a license file (license.txt).

To upload the offline activation file and generate the license file:

On the server where you transferred the license.ofa file, go to the Offline Activation page in the Progress Community.

  • Login to Community as user.
    Scroll down to bottom of page looking for "Resources."
  • Select Activation and Licensing which will take you to the Need Help - Licensing and Activation page.
  • Go to the link for Offline Activation. Click on the link which will open a new page for "Offline Activation."
  • Go to bottom of page:
  • Select your method of offline activation: -- select method--
  • "Upload of OFA File" Submit
  1. In the Offline Activation section, select Upload OFA file as your method of offline activation. The Browse and Submit menu appears.
  2. Browse to the location where you saved the offline activation file (license.ofa). Click Submit. The license file (license.txt) will be downloaded.
  3. Save the license.txt file and move it to the offline server.

Load the license file and complete activation and installation:

On the offline server, restart or continue with the Progress product installer from the Activation dialog.

To load the license file and complete activation and installation:
  1. On the installer's WhatsUp Gold Activation dialog, click Next.
  2. Browse to the location on the offline server that you stored the license.txt file, then click Open. The location of the license.txt file is loaded.
  3. Click Activate. The success message appears. "The license was successfully activated on this computer.
  4. Click Finish. The installer will resume installation of your Progress product.